Decorating For The Holidays

christmas-decoration-1443185203rtIIt can happen to the best of us: the holiday season comes around and you just get into the spirit of things and decide to decorate the house. This can be a fun, family activity, or it can turn into a total nightmare. This would really depend on your family and on how well you all get along. And also just how crazy you want to get with the decorations. So there’s little help we can give you with that end. But, not having the decorations cost a fortune IS something that we can assist in.

Now, why are we running an article about holiday season decoration in the middle of the summer? Because this is a perfect time to buy decorations on a discount! (well, RIGHT after the holidays when stores need to clear out all that inventory is the best time, but this is still better than during the holidays). Only problem is that most stores aren’t carrying decoration now. So what do you do?

You hit up garage sales, that’s what you do! You can sometimes get lucky and find boxes of Christmas lights for next to nothing (check them first) or even bigger decorations and lawn pieces. At these types of sales, you can easily negotiate for a lower price and usually walk away with only having spent a few bucks.

Flea markets are also good sometimes for this kind of thing. Pawn shops in Miami aren’t as this isn’t really valuable stuff. So you’ll have to stick to garage sales and that type of thing.

Craigslist is also good. You can sometimes find listings for used holiday decorations. Typically people will sell a large bundle of stuff at a time.