DIY Home Flooring Ideas

red-carpetWhether you own or rent your home, one thing that can make or break the look of the place is the flooring.¬† Obviously as a homeowner you have your choice of whatever you’d like to put down, be it wood or tile. As a renter, you may be limited, but if you get with your landlord, you may be able to work out a deal since you’ll essentially¬† be increasing the value of the place by putting in nicer flooring. So you still may have some options available to you. And what are those options exactly? Well, let’s take a look at some flooring ideas that don’t require any special knowledge or tools.

First we have throw rugs. This is a good idea for those who have flooring that, while not awful, is a bit boring. A combination of various throw rugs can add a lot of character to a room and are very easy to obtain. While you may feel that they are quite expensive if you go to a store, you can find them at flea markets downtown, a pawn shop Miami, garage sales in your neighborhood, and many other venues for a low price.

Next we have linoleum tiles. I really like this one as you have a world of possibilities here. First, many of these tiles can be put in right on top of the current floor, meaning that you can take them out without any damage (great for renters). While you could go for a set color, you can get really creative and make patterns or different colors and sizes of tiles. The ability to mix and match can make for some really interesting ideas.

Lastly (and my favorite) are carpet tiles. Just like with linoleum tiles, you again have the ability to create your own patterns and designs. What’s more is that you can easily replace a tile should you suffer a spill, so your whole carpeting isn’t ruined. A really great idea that is easy and fun to install.