Dressing Cool For The Summer

girl-429380_960_720Summer is almost here (and depending on where you live, it may feel like it has already arrived!) and that means that the temperature is rising. We all know about staying hydrated and using sunscreen, but there is an element of summer preparedness that is often overlooked. And that is how one dresses.

If you are not working or going to school during the summer, then this is an easy proposition to handle. You can stay cool in t-shirts and shorts or a skirt and you are basically good to go. But what about working professionals who need to keep up business attire all year long? This isn’t difficult during the winter as all one needs to do is add a good coat, but there are only so many layers one can take off. Not to mention that this can lead to embarrassing armpit sweat and stains. Well, there is a solution.

It’s all about the type of fabric that your clothes are made of. We often think of cotton when we want to keep cool, but there is a much better alternative: linen. Linen is a versatile material from which all kinds of clothing is made. A mens linen shirt or a linen blazer make a very cool and welcome addition to any summer wardrobe as they breathe well and are very light by comparison to other shirts and blazers made from different fabrics.

Color also plays a part in your heat-resistance (with lighter colors being the coolest) so that should also be a factor when you go to buy new summer clothes.

With the right selections, you can actually manage to stay professional looking and cool at the same time as you continue working throughout the hot summer months.