Finding Niche Items

lampSometimes you want your home to have a certain theme to it. This theme could be anything, from comic books to pop culture, to Victorian. In any case, you’ll need items that accentuate and bring this theme to life. Often, this is easy to do. Going online will yield pretty much anything you could want in virtually any style. But sometimes you’ll find yourself at an impasse. Maybe the style you’re trying to achieve is a little too obscure. What do you do then? Well, it’s time to get creative.

A good first action would be to list out exactly what items you are looking for. This way your searches can be more specific. Maybe you’re looking for various types of swords and holders and medieval art. Or perhaps you want a more classic Hollywood theme, where you’ll want director’s chairs and various props. Name out what you’d like and write them all down.

Next, scour the internet and forums where people sell and trade items. Armed with a list of what you desire, you’ll have an easier and more focused time (not pulled aside by things to look at or consider). Finding individuals selling niche items is a good way to locate obscure stuff.

There’s also the possibility that you’ll need to venture out into the world and visit thrift stores and pawn shops. Take the Hollywood theme. If you could visit a few actual Hollywood pawn shops imagine what kinds of movie treasures you could find! You could make a road trip out of it and go to places more likely to have the things you want.

Remember that you home should look and feel exactly how you want it to. So don’t be easily discouraged if the things you want to display aren’t readily available. Have a bit of an adventure and have the home you want.