Furnishing Your Home On A Budget

living-room-1517166_960_720One of the expenses involved with buying a new home is having to furnish it. Perhaps you are coming from a smaller place and simply don’t have enough furniture. Or, maybe your previous decor doesn’t work well with the style and architecture of the new place. Or it just may be the right time to change things up as your current furniture is getting a bit old. Whatever the reason, new furniture can mean thousands of dollars in costs. But it doesn’t have to. There are quite a few ways you can furnish your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional furniture store prices.

Ikea is one. Like them or not, their prices are quite reasonable. If you have a need, chances are you can find something to fill it for not very much money. Sure, you have to assemble it yourself, but that’s part for the charm, right?

Pawn shops in Ft Lauderdale are a good place to find furnishings. Things like home theater equipment and even chairs and sofas can often be found there. You may need to call a few places, but you may just get a great deal. Doesn’t hurt to check.

Auction sites like ebay are another good resource. If you don’t mind waiting for shipping (and paying for it) you can typically get anything online cheaper than you would in a store.

Finally, buying second hand from people on sites like craigslist or even goodwill can be a real resource. This requires that you take your time with it (as you probably won’t find all matching items right away) or are willing to do a little DIY transformation (like painting everything to match). But the reduced price is usually well worth the extra effort.