Making the Ultimate Man-Cave

cave-entranceWhile home decorating is something that is traditionally left up to the domain of the lady of the home, that’s not to say that guys don’t have their dream rooms as well. This concept is better described using the colloquial term: man-cave.

A man cave is a room where one can go to enjoy sports, music, movies and games without worrying about keeping the place tidy and only being surrounded by the things one likes. For a proper man cave, there are a few mistress that need to be included.

First of these is a large screen TV. Whether it’s to see a game, movie or plays video games, the TV is usually the centerpiece.

Next comes other electronics that will vary from man to man. Some may want a killer computer for gaming while others may want their video game consoles from current and past eras. Some may require a great stereo. This part will vary.

Next there needs to be a supply of stable and drinks. A mini fridge is a must and a mini bar will also complement the room nicely. Places to store junk food and dispose of the trash are also needed.

Finally comes the seating. This could be a large, comfortable couch, recliner, bean bag chair, or even a chair with built in speakers.

The decor (posters, collectibles, gadgets, etc) will need to be present but again will vary based on the individual’s tastes. Could be sports posters and jerseys, or movie memorabilia.

This may sound lounge a lot of money, but by scouring the internet, flea markets, pawn shops and other such places, you’re destined to find all the items you need and have the man cave you want. I personally had a lot of luck visiting a flea market and a pawn shop in Davie, which is where I live.

You too can assemble one of the most awesome man-caves ever, without breaking the bank.