Pawn Shop Workplace Benefits

thumbs-up-142464480215zThis is going to be a little bit off, and a little bit on topic for a post today. So here we go. I’ve noticed that some of my friends seem to get new stuff for their home at steep discounts. This can range quite widely in terms of what stuff they are able to pick up. I asked one about it and I was told that they had a relative who worked in a store and they were able to get nice employee discounts. Now, I’m one who will always try to get things on the cheap, but I never thought of this before. Mostly because it can be a little bit impractical. Who works at a place just for the employee discounts, right?…Well, I may just do that.

So I did a little asking around and digging and I found that some places get more benefits then others, or certain kinds of benefits. Take a pawn shop for example. Working at one will give you pretty much first dibs on anything in the store. You’ll also typically be able to get it for less than the what the store would sell it for to a regular customer. There is also another benefit to this one. If you have friends who know you work there, they can ask you to keep a lookout for certain items, and then charge them a finders fee for the alert so they can get it quickly (or just hide it for them). See? Little perks like these.

So while I may not go and change my employment right away, if I’m ever looking for a side job for a little extra cash, I may just choose a place like this:!careers/r6kd1