Turning “Trash” Into Art

the-art-of-1643156_960_720When most people think of art, they think of things like sculptures, painting and fine pieces of music. Sure, all of the above are types of art works, but art itself is not restricted to just those mediums. Everything from sand to ice can be used as an expression of one’s artistic drive. So it would come as no surprise that some have found that trash can be an excellent material for expression.

Well, let me clarify. When I say trash, I’m talking about things that many may consider garbage. Like old furniture, lamps, mechanical parts, etc. These are the things that you can find at garage sales, pawn shops, flea markets, and the like. You may already have some interesting raw materials to work with in your home. So before you throw something out or pawn it, you may want to think about its potential. By taking these items and giving them a little TLC (or upcycling), you too can create an interesting piece for your home.

But how does one turn an old item into art? Well, that depends a lot on the item and what condition you find it in. But here’s an example:

Let’s say you find an old dresser. It is in pretty bad shape, wood chipped, scratches, and a broken drawer or two. You could simply restore it, fixing the broken parts and using wood filler and stain/paint to make it look like new. You could also take the useable wood out from it to make something new, like a small table. You could make it look even more distressed and make it look like a themed piece (like something from a shipwreck). There is no limit but your imagination.

So in doing this, you are making something that is completely unique. Not only can it make a great addition to your home decor, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you made something yourself.