Unique Lamps Make The Room

lit-table-lampWhen it comes to making a home look individual and unique, lighting plays a huge role in the design choices of the decor. Whether you go for a naturally lit room most of the time, you’ll still need to have another source in case of cloudy days (not to mention nights). So lamps and other lighting fixtures are a must. Lamps also happen to be the perfect way to complement a room’s theme or decoration. But sometimes (especially if you are using something more interesting than the generic “ikea” look) you’ll be hard pressed to find a lamp as unique as your design choices.

So where can one find some interesting lamps? Well, there’s always looking online. And while this is a good and easy option, sometimes you’d like to see the item in person before you buy it. Online shopping can lead to mistakes and wrong estimations as to the size or true color of an item. So seeing it in person is optimal. This gives you a few choices as to where you may acquire different lamps.

You could of course try garage sales and flea markets. These are usually treasure troves of oddball and interesting items. Chances are that you may find something interesting (possibly interesting enough to theme the whole room around).

Another place is the local pawn shop. I was once in a pawn shop in Hollywood and found a great Victorian-style lamp that perfectly complemented the room I was decorating. So you may have similar luck in pawn shops around your area.

Finally, thrift stores (like Goodwill or Salvation Army) occasionally have furniture and lamps offered. This is another good, secret place to look as you can get away with quite a few items for very little money.

Hopefully this will help you to find the perfect lamp.