Upcycle Things For An Interesting Home Look

unique-furnitureWe all know the importance of recycling. It not only conserves materials, but it also can help save the planet. Paper, plastic, all those classic materials. But sometimes, there’s another way to go about responsibly handling “trash”. Welcome to the world of upcycling.

It’s a fairly new word which was coined to mean the taking of something old, and giving it a new purpose. So one is essentially taking trash and turning it into something new, or something cool. As an example, those wooden pallets that large shipments come in can be used to make patio furniture. You can also take old bottles and turn them into oil lamps. Get the idea?

Upcycling isn’t only for trash. You can take old furniture items, boxes, pretty much anything and turn it into something new and creative.

A quick internet search will yield many different ideas. Eventually, you’ll be able to come up with your own. Once you’re at that point, you’ll need to find stuff to upscale. Garage sales and flea markets are a great place to find things. So are pawn shops. As a matter of fact, pawn shops are quite easy to find. Where my parents live in Florida, there are quite a few Hollywood pawn shops near them. So they are more plentiful than flea markets and garage sales.

Once you find an interesting object, the next thing to do is to envision what it could become, and picture where you’d like it in your home. Then with a little sweat and creativity, you’ll have an interesting piece, whether solely aesthetic or functional too.

Upscaling can be a great weekend project and will result in some interesting pieces for your home.