What Items Are Best To Take To A Pawn Shop?

desk-44077_960_720When it comes to home decorating, you can never have enough funds. Anyone who has been hit with a spark of inspiration has experienced the sudden cessation of creation when funds run dry. It can be a disappointing thing, which is why it always pays to know how to come up with some extra cash.

Pawning items can be a means to an end. It is definitely good if you are looking to sell some belongings but don’t want the hassle of listing and shipping them online. But not everything is as “pawnable” as everything else. So before you hit up your local Davie pawn shop with the wrong items, let’s take a look at the kinds of things that most pawn shops will accept for cash.

Power tools are always a good item. They will yield you more if they are in a complete set (think a drill with all the bits) and cleaning them up beforehand can also earn you a few extra bucks.

Of course there’s jewelry and watches. Not every pawn shop is as honest as others, so it pays to have some idea of the value of the piece first, but you can generally get something for it.

Electronics are a good one. If you just upgraded your home theater, then the old units can be pawned to offset some of the cost.

Anything ridden. I’m talking about cars, motorcycles, ATVs, Waverunners, etc. These items can be sold at most any pawn shop.

One thing to remember: the pawn shop is planning on reselling these items, so you’re not going to get as much money for them as you would if you found someone who wanted to buy it. But that can take time, so you’re essentially paying for the convenience of not having to do anything buy unload your stuff.